Writing for a Change Foundation
, Inc.
If you are looking for Women Writing for (a) Change® Bloomington, you're in the right place! Soon we will be debuting a website at the new address of womenwritingbloomington.org, but in the meantime, please use the links above to explore our offerings and register for classes.

Writing for a Change Foundation of Bloomington is an arts-education nonprofit organization that focuses on the process of writing to promote personal growth, leadership, deepening creativity, and healthy community building.We believe that creative and conscious communities hold the key to positive transformation in our world. Writing, inclusive voice and good will are our tools. Our services to the community include Outreach Initiatives, Youth Programs, and Adult Programs/Sampler writing circles.
  • Community Outreach events and programs are collaborations with other community groups for the benefit of a specific population, such as those incarcerated at local jails or prisons and persons in hospice.
  • For Youth Programs, we currently offer writing programs for girls and young women and plan to offer programs for boys and young men in the future. 
  • Adult Programs and Sampler Writing Circles are offered to women and men of all writing abilities.
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